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Written and directed by Kevin Zaouali

Feature documentary

The story of love…

  • long-métrage
  • Paprika Films
  • Kevin Zaouali
Jim_Tree_Brother Wolf


Written and directed by Laurent Joffrion

Brother Wolf is the title of a photograph by the American photographer and filmmaker Jim Brandenburg, in which the intrigued gaze of a wolf confronts that of the viewer and interrogates him.
By recounting the genesis of this image, this film immerses us in the life of its author with wolves and exposes a vision of our common history with Canis lupus.

  • Paprika Films
  • Laurent Joffrion


The next feature film by Filippo Meneghetti, director who won a Cesar for the film Two of us in 2021.

  • Paprika Films
  • Filippo Meneghetti
Les manchots Empereur prennent la pose ©Cédric Gentil_Expédition Wild-Touch Antarctica!

Magnetic Continent

written and directed by Luc Jacquet

To the day, 30 years ago, I left for my first mission in Terre Adélie, it was in 1991. Since then, I have spent almost 4 years in this part of the world. Why such an attraction ? The Earth is so vast… This addiction is the “Antarctic cock”. Like all my companions of polar epic of today and yesterday, I am unable to explain in words what attracts us to these regions, which are so distant and hostile. I wanted to share my thoughts on this strange charm through a personal filmic form, mixing poetry and interior narrative in an attempt to share, as accurately and and as close as possible to the emotions, this curious magnetism.

Luc Jacquet.



La Chair du Tigre

directed by Zoltán Mayer

features film

Luxi, a 12 year old Chinese girl, has just moved to Nice with her parents. A child like no other, she is endowed with an uncommon sensitivity, intelligence and wisdom. For all those who know her and for her mother, Luxi is an enigma. Faced with racism and brutality from her classmates, Luxi, who sees everything through the eyes of love and compassion, refuses to fight back. Faced with escalating violence and her daughter’s life in danger, the tiger mother awakens.

  • features film
  • Paprika Films
  • Zoltán Mayer

Ce qui nous échappe

written and directed by Laurent Joffrion

A tribute to old-growth forests through the prism of violin making and music. A documentary film going from naturalist vibrations to musical resonances, from forest valleys to concert halls.




written and directed by Luc Jacquet

But why on earth, on a lost island in the Pacific, strange birds show blue feet that are found nowhere else? By what whimsical, capricious and mischievous path, the strangest forms of life have found their way to the Galapagos archipelago? On land and under the surface of the ocean, in the course of a playful and learned investigation, L’Ile aux Fous tells the great story of life, that of an extraordinary machinery made of perseverance, resilience but also of sympathetic errors which are the true engine of evolution.


Entre Fauves

From Colin Niel's book

Martin is a guard at the Pyrenees National Park. He works in particular on the follow-up of the bears. But for months, there has been no trace of Cannellito, the last plantigrade with a little Pyrenean blood. Martin is more and more convinced: the hunters will have had the skin of the animal. So, when he comes across a photograph showing a young woman in front of the remains of a lion, hunting bow in hand, he is determined to find her and deliver her to public opinion. Even if he only knows her by her social network nickname: Leg Holas.



Features Film

1992, the start of a new era. Vadim, a 39-year-old Frenchman, hopes to uncover the truth about his origins in the Russian national archives. Tired of finding nothing, he decides to go east in the footsteps of this unknown father. With for only traveling companion a sound recorder which allows him to capture the sounds and silences of nature, Vadim then begins a long journey, punctuated by chances and encounters, through the expanses of eastern Siberia, from the polar regions. from the Chukchi to the Sea of ​​Japan.

  • Luc Jacquet


Features Film

Witnessing the violence experienced by children in a placement center for orphans, both in their relationship with each other and in the face of a resigning hierarchy, Mara, a young woman with strong convictions, fights to save a boy at the center struggling with a pimping network. This struggle allows her to confront her desires and convictions as a woman in the face of the social realities of her country.

  • Alexandra Badea

Je te confie ma vie

Features Film

Chloé Jafé, a young photographer settles in Japan with a secret goal: to do photographic work on the women of Yakuzas, which no one has succeeded in doing before her. For that she will have to try to integrate one of the big families of the Japanese mafia. Inspired by a True Story.

  • Charlène Favier
  • Chloé Jafé et Charlène Favier

Filles du Ciel

Features Film

One night, Héloïse finds herself alone in a city that is not her own, and has nowhere to go. She meets Mélo, who brings her home, where four young women already live. They form a tribe, where everything is shared, and protect each other. But the omission of their past wounds weighs more and more heavily on these strong, yet fragile, women.

  • Bérangère McNeese