Ce qui nous échappe

written and directed by Laurent Joffrion

A tribute to old-growth forests through the prism of violin making and music. A documentary film going from naturalist vibrations to musical resonances, from forest valleys to concert halls.




a film by Luc Jacquet

written by Aurélie Saillard and Luc Jacquet

But why on earth, on a lost island in the Pacific, strange birds show blue feet that are found nowhere else? By what whimsical, capricious and mischievous path, the strangest forms of life have found their way to the Galapagos archipelago? On land and under the surface of the ocean, in the course of a playful and learned investigation, L’Ile aux Fous tells the great story of life, that of an extraordinary machinery made of perseverance, resilience but also of sympathetic errors which are the true engine of evolution.