Visuel Ligne de vie


A film by Hugo Becker

December 24, 1916.

On the other side of a German checkpoint, a truck carrying mail is stopped, crippled by bullets. Inside, a man is killed. Another man and a woman, who were on a postal mission, claim their innocence in the death of their traveling companion, and their presence in enemy territory. The radio guiding them was cut off until they found themselves in no-man’s-land. “There’s no way they could have got through the roadblock, unless they were working for the Krauts”.

On Christmas Eve 1916, a cross-examination began to find out the real reason for the presence of enemy letter carriers and couriers in the trenches.

  • 2024
  • short film
  • Paprika Films
  • Nouvelle Donne Production
  • Hugo Becker
  • France 2, le CNC, la Région Grand Est, le Département de la Moselle, le Département de la Meuse, RTGE, Talents Adami et la Fondation de la Poste
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Rayon Rêve

A film by Roman Fauvel

Sylvain, a young man working in a supermarket, runs into Estelle, his ex-girlfriend from high school, who is studying at a prestigious school. Ashamed, Sylvain invents a dream career. On the one hand, he has to keep working so as not to get his colleagues into trouble. On the other, Estelle is enjoying the company of this new Sylvain more and more. Is it better to be yourself and risk being disliked, or to play a role and risk losing everything?

  • short-film
  • Paprika Films
  • Roman Fauvel
Dr Poppers


a film by Arthur Morard

Stuck in a city he despises, Antoine remedies his boredom by having sex with a stranger, but accidentally spills poppers in his mouth. As he tries to get rid of his partner, the young man tries to convince Antoine to go to the emergency room and get to know him.

  • short film
  • Paprika Films
  • Arthur Morard