Yukiko - Cover


a film by Eric Dinkian

Seriously wounded by a mysterious masked woman, a man travels through his own conscience during the last remaining minutes of his life. The present, the past and his imagination become one as he tries to resolve the drama that brought him to this situation.

  • 2010
  • Fiction 15'
  • Paprika Films
  • Eric Dinkian
  • Thomas Robin, Franck Vrignnon
  • Céline Cossard
  • Amandine Bernot
  • Iris Mirnezami
  • Vincent Cosson
  • David Imbault, Vincent Jacq
  • Eric Dinkian, Nicolas Sarkissian
  • Thomas Jouannet
  • Thomas Jouannet, Karin Shibata, Elodie Bouleau, Maud Myers, Sandrine Ah-son, Anoulack,
Yukiko - Cover
Prizes and awards

CYIFF (Cyprus) : Prix de la meilleure photographie
Disturb Awards (France) : Prix du meilleur montage & meilleur réalisateur