Leftover (1)

Dernier printemps

In the heart of Marseille, Kaïna and Adrien, 17 years-olds, have been dating for five months and are very much in love. Kaïna is a bubbly young Muslim girl of Algerian parentage. Adrien is the son of an ambitious entrepreneur, who’s been strongly encouraged to study, and who has all the poise of a young middle class man. Kaïna wants to take her time before sleeping with him, which Adrien fully respects in spite of his growing teenager’s desire. But between the heightened sexuality of teenage students, and the cultural and social differences between them, their love will be sorely tested. The lovers will find themselves caught up in an inner struggle, made up of societal pressures, first heartaches, and an irrepressible need for freedom.

  • Full-length feature
  • Damien Gault
  • Selected in residence program at the Moulin d’Andé-Céci
    Ile-de-France Screenwriting assistance programme
    CNC development assistance