Butler, Woman, Man - Cover

Butler, Woman, Man

a film by Michael Langan

In a castle in the Loire Valley in the middle of the 19th Century, a strange role play unfolds. A woman, a man and a butler seem to endlessly repeat a cycle of scenes where each in turn becomes the other. We try to understand the game rules of this strange ballet.

Who is the actor and who is the character and how many of them are there? Who is male and who is female? Who is the master and who is the servant?

  • 2012
  • Court-métrage - 8'
  • Paprika Films
  • Michael Langan
  • Benjamin Chartier
  • Aurélie Breton
  • Catherine Leloup
  • Tiffany Lyonette
  • Orange Mighty Trio
  • Arte
  • Amandine Breheret, Fabrice David, Eric Larzat
Prizes and awards

Slam Dance Festival 2013 : Compétition Officielle