ABLUKA - Suspicions

a film by Emin Alper

Istanbul. Kadir comes out of prison after twenty years inside. He has been released on the condition that he helps the police in their fight against terrorism. But there is only one thing Kadir wants and that is to reconnect with his younger brother, Ahmet, who works for the municipality culling the town’s stray dogs. Between paranoid obsession and political instability, the situation becomes complicated and heated for Kadir and Ahmet.

  • 2015
  • Feature film Fiction
  • Liman Films
  • Paprika Films, Insigna Yapim
  • Emin Alper
  • Ezgi Baltas
  • Adam Jandrup
  • Ismaïl Durmaz
  • Nurten Tinel
  • Niels Barletta
  • Cevdet Erek
  • Osman Bayraktaroglu
  • Frenzy
  • The Match Factory
  • Nour Films
  • November 23rd 2016
  • Mehmet Özgür, Berkay Ateş, Tülin Özen
Prizes and awards

Mostra du Cinéma de Venise 2015 : Prix Spécial du Jury