La CIA et la France

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In 2017, the CIA celebrated its 70 years of existence. In 1947, its first operating field was France and its fight against communism. Since then, France and the CIA have had a complex relationship that has shaped the evolution of world geopolitics. Allies during the Cold War, they were opposed in the field of decolonisation before reuniting in the fight against Islamism. In a time of Wikileaks and the questions that are raised by all out economic war and global espionage, the series looks back at 70 years of dangerous liaisons using a mix of archives and the participation of players from both sides of the Atlantic.

Ep 1: The Cold War
Ep 2: Decolonisation
Ep 3: The fight against Islamism
Ep4: The Economic War

Format : Documentary series – 4×52′
Scenario : David Defendi
Production : PAPRIKA Films