Two of us

In Features, Our productions by Paprika

Nina and Madeleine, two old age pensioners, are deeply in love with each other. Others who see them think they are just neighbours. Daily, they come and go between the two apartments that they share on the last floor of their building.

Their landing is a bridge between two worlds, the well-ordered life of one, a grandmother who’s generally very conventional, and the less restricted life of the other. An uprooted Austrian, Nina is an independent woman who has more and more difficulty with the fact of keeping their love affair hidden.

One day, a tragic event takes place, and the doors are closed. Madeleine is taken from Nina. The landing that separates them becomes a great divide, a bottomless abyss that they will try to cross, cost what it may, to get back together.

Format : Full feature
Director : Filippo MENEGHETTI
Scenario : Filippo MENEGHETTI & Malysone BOVORASMY, en collaboration avec Marion VERNOUX
Funding : CNC – Advance on Earnings / ANGOA