Antarctica, Living on the Edge

In Documentaries, Our productions by Paprika

A surprisingly plentiful variety of plant and animal life is hidden away in the heart of the Antarctic’s ice.

On the pack ice, on the continent and in the surrounding ocean, like so many superheroes, the Antarctic’s inhabitants are guardians of the frontiers of the living.

All life seems impossible in climatic conditions such as those that they deal with.

In this regard, they constitute a wonderful laboratory of knowledge and understanding of life that we wish to give you the opportunity to discover.

How can these species survive in this hostile desert? What adaptation mechanisms have they put in place to stay alive at the southerly tip of our planet? What can they teach us about our world and its evolution?

One-off documentary – 52′ Antartica, living on the edge
Histoires Antarctique :  Interactive platform in two sections, Live report & VR 360
Directors : Jérôme BOUVIER & Marianne CRAMER
Coproduction : Paprika Films, Wild-Touch, Andromède & Arte
In association with : Arte